Excellence Europe Management Consultants - What makes us special 

Excellence Europe GmbH is a consultancy located in the Nuremberg Metro-politan Region, Germany. What makes us very special is our profile, gene-rating added value to our clients:


  • Over 15 years consulting and training projects in the field of Busi-ness Excellence, Strategy, Process Management/Benchmarking and Innovation,


  • Over 15 years Business Excellence experience by using the EFQM Excellence Model and acting as an EFQM Award Assessor, EFQM Licensed Advisor and Trainer,


  • About 20 years of practical experience at the interface of business, science and politics (10 years as a University Management Board member for Applied Research and Industry-University-Interaction),


  • Competence and Knowhow in product-near basic research and applied R&D.  


On that basis we help leaders and managers develop and improve their companies by


  • Consulting,

  • Training, Workshops and

  • Coaching.


Our expertise is practical and pragmatic, both due to the long-lasting experience in management and the link to applied research.


Our Product & Service Portfolio is interesting for companies operating sites in different European countries, both medium-sized and large.


More details can be seen from our German website, and certainly it's possible to get an impression about us by the key words we use there.


Have fun and don't hesitate to contact us!