Our Profile


Excellence Europe GmbH is a management consultancy located in the Nu-remberg Metropolitan Region, Germany. Our products and services are


  • Workshops, Trainings, Coaching and Consulting


in the fields of Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Change and Business Excellence.


Our expertise is practical and pragmatic, both due to the long-lasting ex-perience in management, our ongoing Good Practice orientation and our link to applied research.

Our Customers


Typically, our clients come from


  • various industrial sectors, branches and from services,

  • economy promoting organizations like Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI), and also in part from

  • scientific research institutions.

Internationality and Cross-Cultural Competence


The Excellence Europe Product & Service Portfolio is interesting e.g. for companies operating internationally and seeking for appropriate 'stand-ards' and 'approaches' for their sites, in the sense of a common cross-cultural 'language'.


We offer cross-cultural intuition from both our work in high performing international EFQM assessor teams and the corresponding site visits of European Excellence Award (EEA) applicants.