Our Profile


Excellence Europe GmbH is an innovative management consultancy located in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, Germany. Our products and services are


  • Workshops, Trainings, Coaching and Consulting


in the fields of Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Change and Business Excellence.


Our expertise is practical and pragmatic, and we often surprise our clients by new and unconventional ideas stamming from our passion to innova-tion.

Our Customers


Typically, our clients come from


  • various industrial sectors, branches and from services,

  • economy promoting organizations like Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI), and also in part from

  • scientific research institutions.

Internationality and Cross-Cultural Competence


Our cross-cultural profile is driven by our work in high performing interna- tional EFQM assessor teams and the corresponding site visits of European Excellence Award (EEA) applicants.